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Invest with Purpose, our motto, has always meant finding a reason, “the why”, for your money and then helping you invest accordingly. But what if it meant more? What if it meant not only finding a “why”, but a purpose, and aligning your personal values so that you can do so? Brian Dudley an advisor at Pinnacle and founder of our Pinnacle Emerging Wealth brand, has worked with Fidelity LABS over the past year with the help of Cassie Davidson and Pinnacle co-founder Myles Dudley, to help develop a way to define your values using Fidelity’s technology. The first phase of that technology is now available to our team and we are excited to one of four registered investment advisers in the country to be able to share with you. We invite you to join us in this experience.

Contact with subject “Purpose”, along with your name and we will connect you with the Values Discovery Quiz.